Pacific Gym Lincoln was the FIRST ever gym in Lincoln for lifting weights and has evolved to include cardiovascular, powerlifting and specific strength & conditioning equipment, catering for the needs of an ever growing fitness market. Pacific Gym is 130m2 independent local gym and not part of any chain. Our 130m2 facility is located in the city of Lincoln opposite Morrisons supermarket and specialise in powerlifting, weight training and general fitness. The gym swears by its slogan: \\\"Live Well And Train Hard\\\". We strongly believe in living a healthy lifestyle and training hard to help improve fitness, strength and general well being.

We also have a seperate area for Ladies, fancy some peace and quiet away from the main gym and some privacy, this is the perfect place to do your own thing and its female only. The Ladies only area has a squat rack, adjustable bench, bench press, deadlift area, jordan dumbells, leg extension, abductor/adductor, lat pulldown, peck deck for chest, cable column with attachments, hamstring curls, treadmills, steppers, bikes and a rower, ab cruncher and ab bench.

The gym offers a wide range of top strength equipment, hammer strength and life fitness, TWO squat racks and a hack squat machine, a customized 750kg approved by Eddie Hall powercage with a variety of pull up grips, a dedicated deadlifting platform, plenty of free weight plates, dumbells ranging from 2kg-55kg, suspension TRX training, treadmills, bikes, steppers, cross trainers, concept 2 rowers and more...

The gym gives our customers access to personal training services run by our qualified and very experienced trainers. Please see the Personal Trainer\'s section for more information.

The gym also has a supplement shop and a bar which sells protein shakes, energy drinks, pre-workout drinks, protein bars, tubs, clothing and accesories. We have free parking on site and are located adjacent to Tritton Road, next door to the Tritton Road Retail Park and opposite Morrisons supermarket.

Pacific Gym Trainers

Mark Robinson

Age: 41
Qualification: Level 3 Personal Trainer
Competes in Weightlifting

Dave Johnson

Qualification: Level 3 Personal Trainer
- Competes in strongman events in the UK

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