Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions are subject to change and are constantly being updated, you agree to accept these terms should they be updated and any agreements/contracts in place are still binding and will continue under the updated terms.

To create a more environmentally friendly gym and move forward digitally by removing pen and paper, all customers (including pay as you go) subscribing or making payment to any plan and by direct debit automatically agree to the terms and conditions set out below. These include your payments, gym rules, safety guidelines for you / others around you, using the equipment and most importantly using common sense in the gym.

Please make sure your contact details are up to date as we may make changes to the gym and how you make entry into the gym securely. Should we implement a code entry system, you will need your access code to enter. We will need to contact you with instructions and details.

All subscriptions have a start date / end date or renewal date, it is important you keep track when you are due for payment as failed payments may occur. Should this happen, please check the following: 1) You have linked your bank account correctly. 2) You have funds in your linked bank account. 3) Link your bank card 4) Check if your bank card is valid and hasn't expired or been lost or stolen. 5) Make sure your PRIMARY source of funds are set correctly within your bank account and or PayPal account, this is either set to your bank card OR bank account.

If you are subscribing by PayPal or GoCardless on a recurring plan there are no charges for failed payments, however, PayPal or GoCardless will continue to collect all payments on our behalf until you cancel your subscription. If you do not cancel your subscription or if there are outstanding payments we will not be able to suspend your account until the full balance has been paid. It is your responsibility to make sure payments are made on time and should you wish to cancel, you must do this by accessing your PayPal account or if you cannot access your paypal account or any other issue, you may contact us to cancel in writing. You must provide a minimum of 48hrs notice prior to the subscription due date should you wish to cancel in writing in order for us have time to action your request. There are NO refunds if you forget or do not communicate in writing to cancel should any payments come through to us by subscription. You agree to all these conditions when subscribing to any of our plans and using PayPal or GoCardless as the payment method. Should you choose to pay by direct debit via one of our merchant partners Debit Finance, you also agree to the same terms conditions above except for payment failure. Should a payment fail through Debit Finance or one of our 3rd party collection agencies, there are small charges should any payments fail. If you are having trouble with your account please speak to us either via Whats-app messenger or email and we will be more than happy to help. Unfortunately we cannot make assumptions nor can we make changes to your account without your notice in writing. We can however make changes or cancel your membership/subscription should we feel you are not mentally or physically well enough to use the gym, disrespecting the gym / staff or other members, behaving in an unsafe manner in the gym, intimidating staff / members, acting in a disorderly and aggressive manner or anything else in which we feel is not fit for the gym. We have the right to make the final decision should an issue arise and refuse entry.

Should you wish to suspend your subscription we request you do this in writing by emailing us and this request will be actioned withing 48hours of receipt, please do not request a suspension within 24hours of any payments due to as this is an unreasonable amount of time to action the request. Should the premises have to close due to national restrictions, your subscription will be automatically suspended until such time the premises can re-open. Once re-opened, subscriptions will be re-activated on or before the due date and payments will resume immediately on that due date. Should you have any queries or requests about your suspended account, cancellation or wish to continue a suspension, please do this in writing by email. If you wish to keep your subscription suspended you must contact us within 48hours of the due date or your subscription will be re-activated and paypal will make an attempt to collect payment. Please note there are no refunds.

The minimum time period for any suspension is 1 month, anything shorter than 1 month is not possible so please do not make any requests for anything less than this. Upon your subscription re-activation we will calculate the difference, if any, as payment dates and start dates may differ which will result in a delayed payment collection. The use of the gym needs to be paid for prior to the collection should your payment date be delayed and we can calculate this for you. This will need to be paid by card or cash when you sign in at the gym.

All time-fixed plans are assigned a length of time and end on a certain date, please make a note of this date as this is the date you will be due for payment. We do not allow time-pinching, you can either pay for a single session or re-subscribe. On occasion we may be able to back-date your payment should you be late / struggling financially or in extraordinary circumstances.

Prices are subject to change and may increase or decrease, notifications will be made via letter posted in the gym reception before collecting payment. You agree to acknowledge and accept these notices on full display in advance to you. If you pay by paypal a notification will be emailed to you confirming the change in subscription payment (subject to your email account allowing our emails - you may need to check/adjust your spam settings, this is beyond our control should this happen). If you pay by direct debit, your payment will automatically be adjusted to the new price, as part of the direct debit terms notification will be via letter in reception by the sign in station. Please kindly read the important notifications made available to you as we have an obligation to keep you informed of any changes that may impact your visit.

The equipment within the gym and the gym itself can be dangerous, please read the warnings displayed on the equipment and around the gym. Please be vigilant in the gym and check all machines before using them. If a machine has developed a fault, please report it to a member of staff immediately. Please check the machines before pulling pins out, as attachments do fall and can cause injury. Please also check the pins are inserted fully and correctly in order for the machine to operate correctly. By not inserting the pins in fully will result in machine malfunction and cause injury. If you are unfamiliar with any piece of equipment please seek advice from a member of staff. Serious injury can occur by falling weights, lifting weights or other moving parts, cables do snap unexpectedly due to heavy use in the gym environment. You accept risk of injury by using this type of equipment and accept full liability if any injuries result from use of this equipment.

By entering the premises, signing in, subscribing to any plan or purchasing any time related membership, or using any of our services, you fully agree to the terms and conditions and rules of the gym, you also agree to use the equipment safely and considerately (ie putting weights back on the racks etc), keeping tidy and following the guide lines outlined above. We have the right to refuse entry if you do not have the correct ID / proofs of address, correct attire appropriate for training (such as dirty clothing), being unhygienic, if you have a poor attitude, belligerent, bad behaviour, rudeness towards staff and other members, being a nuisance or by not following the rules, pester, bother, threaten, aggressive, harassing behaviour, assault or violence towards other members or staff, or misuse the facilities in any way, or if in our opinion feel you do not meet the required safety standards (ie those under the influence of alcohol or drugs of any kind etc are in no state to train as this poses unnecessary safety risks) or if we find you unable to safely use the equipment or be a safety risk to others. We have the right to immediately refuse entry without warning, we are not required to issue any warning either verbally or in writing. Any reports of misconduct or breach of these terms may be investigated further and reported to law enforcement. You agree to forfeit any monies paid in advance for any services or subscriptions should there be a breach in these terms. We also do not tolerate goods of any kind being sold on the premises without the permission of the gym. If you are using equipment outside the gym please seek permission from the gym first, it is also your responsibility to be vigilant, considerate and to be safe to yourself and others. You must be vigilant of the dangers posed by vehicles, pedestrians and any other conditions, which may include adverse weather etc..You agree to use the equipment at your own risk and in the event of a claim/accident/damage caused, you are wholly responsible and agree to accept full liability for any damage or injury caused by your actions to not only yourself but to others as a result.