Level 3 qualified personal trainer
Level 3 Soft tissue therapist
Level 4 Diploma in sports therapy
Level 1 fascia taping
Over 1000 hours of experience in Rehab
Over 5 years weight training experience

Sports Therapy Services (£30 per session)
-Rehabilitation of injuries
-Soft tissue treatment
-Myofascia taping
-Postural assessments

Member of the Sports therapy Association

Helping individuals with historic/recent injuries in reducing pain, increasing mobility and a home exercise program to help the rehabilitation process.

Personal Trainer service (£20 per hour)
- Strength training
- Fat loss
- Nutritional advice
- Training programs
- Group and individual sessions

If you require any rehab or PT sessions please give Naylor's rehab a call on:  07957637147 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Instagram: naylor_fitness_and_rehab or Facebook: facebook.com/Naylorrehab